–– Product Designer by day, Twitch streamer by night. ––

–– Product Designer
& Tech Enthusiast ––

Photo: Edgar De la Cruz

Photo: Edgar De la Cruz


Thiago Duarte

When I was 14 and growing up in Brazil, my mother bought me a computer to keep me busy during the school vacations. But before too long I got sick of playing video games and thought to myself: let’s see what else this thing can do. And that’s how I started designing websites.

Back then I did my first paid job for a photographer in my home town of Belo Horizonte and started to put some money together. Everything since has been a road to where I am today.

Then, while I was at design school I got a call from Huge in Rio de Janeiro, inviting me to take part in their interview process. That led to me leaving college early and moving to Rio. I could never have imagined that a few years later I would be in San Francisco, realizing my dreams by designing experiences for clients like Apple and Twitter.


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